Niamh of Marston, State Founder / Mother of Marston

About Marston

The Marston Commune, commonly known as Marston and initially established as The Kingdom of Marston, is a small peace-loving nation that claims multiple territories. Perhaps the most notable territory of Marston is the capital city, known by British neighbours as Marsden Rock. It is a rock formation formerly located in Tyne and Wear, North East England and it stands proudly as the capital of Marston. The capital city comprises a 100 feet (30 meters) sea stack, which lies approximately 100 yards (91 metres) off the English coast.

Welcome Home

Marston is a micronation / island state in the North Sea, bordered with the North East of England by land when the tide is out. We're arguably one of the world's smallest countries, and you can become a citizen! Just have a quick read of our constitution on our 'Government' page, and if that all sounds good just send us an email expressing your interest in becoming a citizen. Et voilla!