According to declarative theory, an entity's statehood is independent of its recognition by other states, as long as the sovereignty was not gained by military force. Marston, the sea-stack which forms the capital of The Marston Commune was acquired through peaceful diplomatic negotiations therefore our statehood is entirely legitimate. We do however welcome relations with other micronations, states, countries and such entities with the view to strengthen our global reach and popularity.

Below is the official list of countries recognised by The Marston Commune. If a nation does not appear on this list it is because either diplomatic relations have not been established between the head of state of said nation and the founder of The Marston Commune, or because the nation has not been physically verified as existing by the founder of The Marston Commune.

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

United States of America (USA)

Principality of Sealand

Arab Republic of Egypt

Republic of Molossia

Portuguese Republic

Kingdom of Sweden

Marston Commune

Republic of Tunisia

Republic of Cyprus

Kingdom of Spain

French Republic

Italian Republic

Aerican Empire


If you belong to a nation which does not appear on this list, and believe it should be recognised by The Marston Commune, please email MarstonGov@protonmail.com